Sunday, 22 February 2009


One day, there was a super hungry, skinny squirrel (does it?). It is a squirrel boi. The name was uuuhhh (i forget the name, he aint that famous), well let's say he was Wolky Bolky...quite nice name thou. He was so starving, he just woke up from his looooong time hibernation. i don't know if squirrel does hibernate or not, no matter, everything happens in my vivid imagination world. So he started walking out from his old big hole tree, but before that, he took a bath and brushed his its sparking! (the teeth blind my eyes d'oh!) and sprayed the perfume all over the body. And combed his brown fur. Then, after 2 hours of pimping himself, he was ready to rock the world!! yeehaaaa!

He climbed off the tree and jumped around the bushes. then histerically he screamed out loud because his foot was pricked by a fish bone. ARRRRGGGGHHHH! AWWWWWW !! he kept screaming in the top of his lungs. where did the fish bone come from???? he was a peanut consumer, i mean he wasn't a carnivor.

Then a soft voice was heard, it was approaching him, "Are you okay??" said a soft voice speaker. Wolky Bolky then turned his head 180 degree to the back, and OMG!!! it was Lolly the sexy squirrel!!

breathe and believe...breathe and believe...breathe and believe *his mind spoke*. He tried to keep his cool. Didn't wanna look like a brown dork, he act like an actor from Hollywood, gentle and coool. Shiny smile came from his teeth, blinded her eyes.
Then, he responded her, "Oh yeah dear, i'm allright. It's just a stupid fish bone stuck under my foot" he said gently. "Aww, that's gonna be hurt. I can't stand the pain if i were you. You are such a strong guy who lift a 400 kgs hippopotamus from that river", she said gently.
there's no different between and compliments, i think it sounds more likely like a big lie....quite good thou.

He felt soo high, he felt so strong, the pain was all long gone, no pain... she was the cure :o.
Then she asked him "May i see the fishbone, dear?".
He nodded, and the girl had a look at it. I don't know why but her face turned red and there was a smoke came out of his ears, ewww. I hope the smoke won't trigger my ashtma. And the vicious smile flared up on her face, her eyes looked's so red...i mean literally RED!! I think he needed a fire extinguisher or something could make her stay cool....or probably it's better to RUNAWAY!!!

She turned away 270 degree and screamed on the top of her lungs "HOW DARE YOU ARE! THAT'S MY COMB! THAT'S MY FISHBONE! I LOST IT A WEEK AGO! AND YOU BROKE IT!! ARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!. Geez, I can't bear to see some horrible face like that, the sexiness turned out to be a muscle, i think it's able to lift a 500 pounds elephant...who knows?. Her teeth became sooo scary just like the one you see in dracula movie, so shaarpp and ohh sexy. She looked ready to bump something or rip something in two, wow!

Dumb wolky, he supposed to runaway as fast as he could, using supersonic car or jet or whatever...unfortunately it wasn't available in his time, so sorry. Then what could he do?? he was just an innocent little squirrel who trapped in some kind of accident with a muscular girl.

He start peeing his he didn't wear any pants. His cheeks turned so pale and he started to pass out!! He-e-e-e-elll-pp!! he started to get some help with the shuttered voice. GOSH! Lolly was ready to hit him in the face and probably will rip him in two!! just like a broken hearted human, feels like ripped in two.

Well, so it's just about time he'll get the sweet fist from the sexy girl.... and....
The big hippo with a lot of mud all over her body came to save him, she was been in love with him like for agess!! and he never responded her cause of her overweight body.
"Come on Jump!! I'll take you to the safest place!" said the hippo.
It's kind of gross cause she had mud all over her body, and then she splashed the mud to Lolly, which was her (lolly) weakness!! she didn't wanna get dirty, she wanted to stay clean all the time, and make up was her biggest priority (after gym). And she screamed out loud, "AAARRRGGGHHHH, HOW COULD YOUUU!!!!!".she stared at her dirty tail, and face and the mud covered her body, almost all over it.

Finally, the Wolky and Hippo went together to the safest place. Of course, it's a muddy place. That's rite, it can save him from a muscular girl (my fav). They got along together, they then together for weeks, unfortunately they splitted. Bedause Wolky couldn't lift her to a muddy river, and her type of a boy was actually the one who could lift him to the mud. But they became good friends. The hippo became his body guards, How cool! it's free. You don't have to pay for her. And they lived their live happily!! not ever after cause i wanna make another sequel of this story soooo just wait for it haha.

the moral value: Don't judge the book by its cover,,, it's true!! the sexy woman could turn out to be a muscular woman, which won't look sexy anymore ha. While the hippo was so kind and sweet. And oh yeah, don't put make up too much, cause make-up won't last forever, just be who you natural :D !!

That's all, Muchas Gracias!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Funny and Weird Facts!

In my leisure time, I love to google anything from cool to random, from random to silly, from silly to useless. Cool stuffs!! I collected those random facts from many sites. And here they are. . .

Cockroaches can live for 9 days after their head has been cut off.

In a lifetime, an average person walks the equivalent of 5 equators

The majority of suicides occur on a Monday

The average cat sleeps about 2/3 of the day

One out of every five ice cream eaters share their treat with their dog or cat. (Can the day of liver- or tuna-flavored ice cream be far behind?)

Gilligan of Gilligan's Island had a first name that was only used once, on the never-aired pilot show. His first name was Willy.

There are 11 points on the collar around Kermit the Frog's neck.

There are 24 known "perfect" numbers. These are numbers that equal the sum of all its divisors except itself. For instance, six the lowest of these numbers is divisible by 1, 2, or 3 and 1+2+3=6. The largest of the known "perfect" numbers has 12,003 digits.

Kermit the Frog is left-handed.

9% of women and 8% of men have had cosmetic surgery.

53% of women will not leave the house without makeup on.

58% of women paint their nails regularly.

No president of the US was the only child

Mosquitoes have 47 teeth.

Ants never sleep

The human brain is 80% water

No words in the English Dictionary rhymes with "MONTH"

Actually there are many other cool facts, but i can't post them now. I'll post the rests, don't worry :D. hope you like the amazing facts above lol.

Muchas gracias!

Friday, 20 February 2009

I will reincarnate as a HORSE? wow

Heyyaah mates!

So, it was like about a month ago or so (i don't really remember) i googled on net, just to looked for something i consider really Fantastic!! :o
Well the story began when the previous night I watched a very touching movie called uhhhh ...called?! gosh!! i forget hehe (i'm sure i'll remember it in 5 mins). This movie was all about a busy businessmen who later reincarnated as a Dog, and the dog's name became the Title of the movie. And ta daaa!!! the dog called Fluke! and yeah thats the title of the movie.
Fluke was a succesful businessman in his past life. He died because of car accident which he thought it involved his best friend. Well, as a reborn dog, he didn't really remember his past life. But for sure, he recognized his family still. A wonderful wife and a cute son, perfect family was on his side. But unfortunately he was too busy to give some times to his family.... and he regretted it (after he died). He, then tried to find his family and he made it. He lived with them as a pet, played with the boy (his son), he was a loyal loyal. Well let me shorten it, in the end he left the family and lived as a dog.... it'd be better if you watch the movie cause it's a looooong story.... be ready to wipe tears on your face lol.

So yepp, after i watched the movie... I quickly searched over the internet about Reincarnation. Then I found a site which i thought remarkably good. Well, not really i just did it for fun and i took some test bout What was I in my past life? and the result was OooOOoooo i was a cruel ruler, someone who had a power like hitler or that cruel lady from europe, i dont really remember her name but she was a queen or something like that.
I still didn't find the answer lol, so i tried to take a test about What i will be in the second life (something like that) and the result was WOW!! i will be a horse.

A horseee???!! yeah true, not too bad i guess, as long i won't end up as an ant or any small creature who struggle to have some food, thats just horrible. Or ohh, any sloooow animals like snail, which i considered as a gross animal cause it has something like mucus hehe (no offence snail matey!). But still i think it's best to be human than any other creature, cause as a human we ruleeee this world lol. But a white horse will be cute thou :p....

Haha It's just a funny test, you can try it, just google it. Feel the thrill!!! LOL. well It's evening here now, and my brother want to use it. (he starts screaming) byeee.